Report Books

We publish game industry report, "The Annual Video Game Industry Report", "The Annual On-line Game Industry Report", "The Decadal Game Industry Report" and so on.

“The Annual Video Game Industry Report” features in-depth analysis of market trends exhibited by the Japanese game industry in the past year. It has published every year since 1998. And it has been known as a essencial tool to know the present circumstances and the forcast in the future of game business.

"The On-line Game Industry Report " has published every year since 2005. It consists of manuscripts written by representative person in On-line game industry and analysis made from proprietary data.

"The Annual Game Industry Report in 2019" has released in May 22nd, 2019!!

"The Decadal Game Industry Report" is a report you can take a broad view of game market through 10 years, 2001~2010.

"The Game User Report" is a report forcus on game user. We divided it into 4 type of user and analyzed each of them.
Game is no longer luxury item. It begin to have a character as consumable goods. In the circumstances, We need to grasp a relation among game user and groups which they are belong to. We have to "reset" a definition and segment again.
So that we across all platforms and try to clear the figure of game user.
It is a aim to publish "The Game User Report".

These publications allows readers to logically grasp the specialized nature of the Japanese market, and is widely regarded as the trade standard. (Available in Japanese only.)

About information of other publication and value, please see the page of "publishing" in Japanese site. When prodacts in past are in stock, it is possible to buy it. Please contact us.

The Game User Report The Annual Video Game Industry Report The Annual On-line Game Industry Report 2013
The Game User Report The Annual Game Industry Report The On-line Game Industry Report
The Decadal Game Industry Report The Net Community Report  
The Decadal Game Industry Report The Net Community Report