What's Media Create?

Media Create gathers and analysis data from the digital entertainment industry, specifically forcusing on the Japanese gaming market. Business operations include publishing, market research and consulting.

If you are interested in game market, it is important to get market data in Japan. Japan one of the biggest market of game in the world. But there is a significant difference in game software trends between Japan, the United States, and Europe. For example, a best-selling game in the U.S. and Europe does not necessarily produce the same results in Japan. The reality is that sales have generally failed to meet expectations. Because needs, interests and values of the Japanese, U.S. and European users differ significantly from each other.

Media create help you to get your foot in the door .

The 3 reasons why you should use our data.

1. Achievement

We are the first company to start researching gaming market in Japan. Over 18 years we have accumulated masses of independent data on different game genres and hard ware.

2. Reliability

Our data circulation system and relationship of trust fostered over time have given us the confidence to do a top-natch professional job for you. In business meeting, our data is always used by Nintendo as a standard.

3. Speed

Not only providing data, but also we replay for questions through E-mail as fast as we can. We provide fast, efficient service and shortcuts for all clients to take advantage of business opportunities as they arise. With our data in your hands you'll be far ahead of the game.

Please contact us: info@m-create.com