Introduction to “Emerging Game Market Report” Our Vision of Emerging Game Market and Our Services
Hosokawa Atsushi, CEO of Media Create Co., Ltd.

As you know, “Emerging Countries” become the latest buzzword in the recent game business. In order to be successful in those countries, a long-term perspective and an accurate valuation of both current and future industrial condition are required. Current condition of other industries obviously shows that these factors are quite essential.

We’ve prepared for constantly providing information about feasibility and 10-year growth potential of emerging countries through 2 approaches: “market” and “industry.” We’ve spent a considerable amount of time to invent new indexes and development models from each viewpoint, not to mention a collection of numerous case studies.

Meanwhile, we fully understand the importance of each region’s bottom-up information including customer-oriented marketing, a sense of the value of money, a correlation with other entertainments and an affinity with Japanese animation and comics.

I herein declare that we are ready for providing sufficient services, while we will continuously improve the method of those analyses and approaches. From now on, we will provide various services related to two key words: “Emerging Countries” and “Games.” To begin with, we establish a special division and plan to publish a periodical report.

We establish “International Division” effective on June 30. We appoint Sho Sato to be a Chief Analyst of this new division.

■ Profile of Sho Sato

Sho Sato was graduated from Thunderbird School of Global Management in April 2012. He then entered Media Create Co., Ltd. in May 2012. He has an experience in working for Jordan Gaming Taskforce, a game industrial association in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and specializes in market research in emerging game market and industry.
In addition to write an article on “Structure and Potential of Emerging Video Game Market in Arab Nations,” he made various presentations at CEDEC and so on. In November 2014, he will be invited to make a public presentation at NASSCOM GDC 2014.

■ Our past reports and presentations about emerging countries

■ Publication of periodical report

We will publish monthly report(12 times) in 2016.
We published the first number in February 27th 2015 and second number has released in April 24th 2015,
and We publish monthly report from January.
Before that, we published its pilot edition in August 2014. We provide the pilot edition to customers free of charge (Only limited to pre-orders before the publication). You can buy E-PUB version in Kindle Store.

■ About our report

1. Concept
Provide information, intelligence and insights for Japanese game companies to successful launch of game business in emerging countries

2. Objectives

3. Scope


■ For more information, please contact:

Sho Sato, Media Create Co., Ltd.